These intricate Sims 4 buildings are very similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots

There’s yet another release date for Dragon Age 4 in sight, and we’ll all do it our own way. I’m keeping an eye on my copy of Tevinter Nights for another reading. Meanwhile, a more diligent Dragon Age fan, KawaiiFoxita, is recreating Dragon Age Inquisition placements in The Sims 4, and these beautiful builds make me long for Thedas.

I’ve been reminded of KawaiiFoxita’s Inquisition-inspired buildings thanks to SimsCommunity, which featured this latest building inspired by the Skyhold pub, where your junky companion Sera hangs out. I admit I didn ‘t exactly spend much time with Sera, so I had to load my old savings account to check out her bard pad for comparison, and boy did Foxita get the cozy, cluttered interior.

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Sera’s room as it looks in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a scary decorative challenge. (Image credit: Electronic Arts, Bioware)

As an avid but amateur Sims 4 builder myself, I can only imagine all the time Foxita spent carefully placing each book, basket, and decorative pillow. It takes a hell of an effort to make a room look so perfectly cluttered.