This Cardcaptor Sakura figure will cost over $ 1250

Furyu will open up pre-orders for 1/4 scale figures of Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card hen on April 30, 2022. This figure is for the 25th anniversary of Shortcut Sakura. Since the kimono is a handmade fabric, Furyu will only produce as many as there are pre-orders. [Thanks, Hobby Dengeki!]

The motif for this figure is based on a cover from the May 2020 edition of Nakayoshi. Nakayoshi is a monthly shoujo manga magazine. Yoshitoku, a store that specializes in hina dolls and gogatsu ningyo, has designed the kimono as a collaboration with F: NEX, which is Furyu’s brand of hobby goods. Hina dolls and gogatsu ningyo are both traditional dolls for Girl’s Day and Boys’ Day, respectively.

There are cherry blossoms on the back of the obi, and there is also leaf gold in the embroidery. According to the article, gold leaf and obi decorations should create a sense of celebration. As previously mentioned, this figure is in memory of the series’ 25th anniversary. Sakura also holds a sprig of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms on the obi use the “tsumami zaiku” technique, which is when the artist repeatedly pinches the material to create a flower-like shape.

The Japanese doll Sakura Kinomoto figure from Furyu and Yoshitoku is open for pre-order until July 13, 2022. It will cost 168,300 JPY, which is approximately 1285.15 USD. Production is on demand and the figure will be sent out in February 2023. F: NEX does not deliver abroad.