This computer has revealed a deleted NPC quest in the Fire Ring

Productive data miner Lance McDonald has discovered a deleted NPC quest line in the Fire Ring.

According to McDonald’s, if you visited Stormhill Shack – formerly known as Scavenger’s Shack and today is the place where you will meet Roderika – during the network test, it was empty. Before that test, however, it appears that it was the home of an unknown NPC called Monk Jigo.

As seen by PC Gamer, Jigo had been “seduced by the good lady alcohol” and needed your help to gather the ingredients for Dreambrew, a magic booze that, shared with other NPCs, would unlock bonus dialogue.

McDonald’s also maintains that this explains why the game originally had non-combatant sleeping animals hidden all over the world, as it was from them that The Tarnished could draw on “Dream Mist” as one of the ingredients for the supernatural spirit.

“So it’s a little amazing to me that such an in-depth mechanic was cut from the Elden Ring, to be able to collect dreams from sleeping creatures, visit a completely cut NPC character, receive a special drink and get brand new conversations from otherwise familiar characters, “McDonald said in the video description. “I hope you found [this] interesting!”

Watch the video above to see for yourself what effect Dreambrew had on some NPCs.

ICYMI, Elden Ring boss Radahn accidentally got nervous in a patch, but now he’s back for full strength. As Ed reported at the time, FromSoftware’s previous patch to the game added new features such as NPC icons and quests, as well as balance changes, all the while Starscourge Radahn accidentally got nervous.

Now a new patch is available that fixes “an error in the balance adjustment of Chief Starscourge Radahn in update 1.03, where the power of some attacks was inadvertently reduced”.

Someone has completed the Fire Ring in less than 13 minutes – and has even hired a boss along the way.

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