Revenant overhaul would give him one of Apex Legends best ultimatums

An Apex Legends fan has come up with a pretty clever reworking for Revenant’s Death Totem ‘ultimate, and it has the backing of their teammates.

Since Revenant was introduced by Respawn back in season 4, Revenant has had a pretty tough run in Apex Legends. The Synthetic Nightmare has had periods of being meta – no one will forget the RevTane duo that took over a few seasons ago – but has also struggled.

On paper, Revenant has solid abilities, given that he can limit others with his silence and also get a new chance at life through the Death Totem. However, lots of fans have been calling for changes over the last few seasons.

Many fan concepts have suggested that Revenant should receive a complete overhaul of all his abilities, but a new idea that has gotten zeros into his Ultimate, and makes it as powerful as possible.

Revenant death totem apex legends
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Revenant’s Death Totem is powerful, but could be better.

The idea was put forward by Redditor XxGAMERZxKINGxX, who suggested that the creepy legend should “charge up” Ultimate in the same way as Valkyrie and her Skyward Dive ability.

Instead of teleporting directly back to Death Totem’s location, Revenant and their teammates would become shadow figures with a small period of invulnerability. This would allow them to move in a fight instead of being sent back to a static location.

However, there will be a period when one cannot use items after moving, just like Wraith’s portal. Redditor even included a short clip showing how it would work.

Short video showing how I reworked Revenant’s death protection. Had to omit some details to keep it short. thoughts? from apexlegends

Although the idea has not won over everyone, there are many who believe that Respawn should pay attention to it. “Changes like these prove that Respawn needs to add as a test server to test possible reworks and changes,” one said. “Honestly not bad. I like the idea of ​​not just teleporting back to the totem,” added another.

Of course, massive changes like this are only made by Respawn, and they have previously said that they can not just copy fan suggestions. But some would obviously like to see that change.