Video: What legend of Zelda games can we expect to fill the gap in 2022?

Late last month, Nintendo announced that it would delay the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

While there are still plenty of Switch games to look forward to this year, there will apparently be no more Zelda games later this year. There have already been requests to port Nintendo Wind awakens and Twilight Princess to Switch, so what about that?

There have been some rumors that the same games will also be re-released on Switch … With all this in mind (and more), Nintendo Life’s video team has now sprouted into the discussion to share their own thoughts on what Other things Zelda games Nintendo could release this year instead of BOTW 2.

So check out the video above and tell us in the comments which Zelda games you think we can see from Nintendo instead of Breath of the Wild 2.