This Elden Ring Mid-Game Rune Farming Spot can get players 25K runes in one minute

Elden Ring fans who have reached the Grand Lift of Rold and achieved the Haligtree Secret Medallion halves can use this rune cultivation method.

The fire ring character spotted near the site of lost grace

There have been many Elden Ring rune-cultivation techniques that fans have shared with the community since the game in early 2022. Although there are places to grow runes all over The Lands Between, we have revealed a fairly easy rune cultivation method that players can take advantage of to acquire about 20-25K runes in just a single minute.

Runes are the major currency in Elden Ring, and essentially works as the game’s XP players can use the runes to increase their stats on any Site of Lost Grace. If there are any players battling a boss, it’s best to leave the boss and work on sharpening to either improve their stats or their weapons at Roundtable Hold.

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Elden Rune Mid-Game 25K and Minute Rune Farm

To start this rune-arm technique, players must have access to the Grand Lift of Rold, which players ascend to reach the Giants’ Mountain Peaks. However, if players have both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, they can gain access to a secret path to the Haligtree that leads to the consecrated snowfields. Once you are on the path, the players will eventually reach Hidden path to Haligree Site of Lost Grace.

To maximize the number of runes earned under this method, it is recommended to Elden Ring players must have two items on their person. The first thing to have is the golden scarab talisman, which increases runes obtained from defeated enemies.

Purchase / find some Gold pickled bird’s foot is the second thing players need to do. Ingestion of this item increases the rune acquisition for a few minutes. It can be purchased from the sisters on the Roundtable Hold if players give them the Patches bell-bearing item.

hidden path to haligtree fire ring

sitting on the spot of lost grace fire ring

Once Elden Ring players come to the Site of Lost Grace, they must follow the next steps to get tons of runes in no time at all:

  • From the Site of Grace, head south down the stairs. There are three enemies in this room to kill.

  • Go down the next set of stairs to the east. Be sure to sneak kill the imp-like monster in the doorway.

plant monster fire ring

  • In this area, players must defeat the giant plant monster and group of imps. Once they are all taken care of, go back to the Site of Lost Grace to reset the enemies, then rinse and repeat.

  • There are a few more imps to kill if players go down the stairs near the plant monster, but it is more effective to leave after killing the plant and imps around it. It is up to the player how much time they will spend on each race. However, it should only take about a minute or a maximum of one and a half minutes to exclude the enemies, depending on the player’s level / skill.

  • If players have equipped with the Golden Scarab talisman and the effects of the gold-pickled bird’s foot are activated, Elden Ring players can easily get half a million runes in about 25 minutes or so.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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