Xbox Showcase Announced: Here’s What To Expect – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

Xbox and Bethesda have announced a showcase in June, just around the time that E3 would normally take place, but if you have not heard, E3 will not happen this year. But that’s ok, because Bethesda seems to have a pretty solid array of games to show off, including the Indiana Jones game, State of Decay 3, Perfect Dark Restart, Avowed, and a lot more. In PlayStation News, Sony no longer allows you to stack PS Plus memberships even if you have legally purchased a code. Sony recently announced that current PS Plus and PS Now users will be offended by the “premium” level of the new PS Plus. It quickly came around that you could stack current subscriptions to save money at the PS Plus premium level, and it looks like Sony is trying to prevent people from saving money. Not a good look. And speaking of PlayStation Plus, May’s PS Plus games have been announced and they will all be available on May 3rd.