You can now set up a lock screen for your Steam Deck

Valve’s latest Steam Deck update adds a lock screen to the handheld gaming PC, the company announced Monday. The change means you can now set a PIN when you wake your device from sleep, which can prevent people from accessing your device, which it should not. After installing the update, you can turn on the lock screen and set a PIN in the Steam Deck settings menu from a new Security tab.

The update also adds a handful of other welcome changes. The performance page has received an “update”, and Valve says it is now “faster to load and easier to navigate.” There are localized keyboards for 21 languages ​​and layouts, and you can enable multiple keyboards at the same time, though Valve notes that it “currently works” on keyboards for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

And Steam Deck now supports games and apps with multiple windows, such as web browsers or games with launchers, and you’ll be able to switch between windows by pressing the Steam button while in a game.

A screenshot of changing windows in Chrome on Steam Deck.
Image: Valve

The update is available now and you can read the full patch notes here. To start the update, press the Steam button, select Settings and then System and then Software Updates. “Since so many bits are being updated today, it may take a few minutes to apply the changes to Steam Deck after downloading and restarting.” said Valve in a tweet. “Be patient while your Steam Deck updates.”