Pokemon GO availability: Disabled fans say the game is now “impossible”

Pokemon GO has updated with lots of exciting new events that fans can enjoy. Unfortunately, recent updates have left disabled fans feeling left out.

With Stufful Community Day approaching by leaps and bounds, Niantic has teased the details of the event to get players excited. While some additions have fallen well among fans, some changes have reduced the game’s availability.

Read on to find out why disabled players find Pokemon GO “impossible” with the latest updates!

Hiking research tasks reduce Pokemon GO accessibility for disabled fans

Some disabled Pokemon GO players have been disappointed with the recent updates ahead of Stufful Community Day.

A popular post on Silph Road subreddit describes a letter sent to Niantic support. The post explains how a recent game update has made Pokemon GO less accessible.

It’s worth reading, and just outlines some of the reasons why some disabled Pokemon GO players think the game has an accessibility issue.

Pokemon GO Community Day Stuffful


The post explains how the day-determined research of the Stufful community will require 1 km walk at each research stage. This can be discriminatory against disabled players, especially those who play in the winter or otherwise unsafe conditions.

Because not all players will be able to perform the research tasks, it certainly feels unfair to disabled players. This is not the first time Niantic has messed up: Read how Mudkip community day disappointed fans.

One suggestion that could improve accessibility is to remove the time limit on these tasks. Let’s hope Niantic listens because this could make Pokemon GO more accessible!

In addition to this update, the latest Pokemon GO incense nerf has made the game harder to play for disabled Pok√©mon trainers. However, an interview with Niantic’s Michael Steranka suggested that there may be changes in the future, so let’s hope things get better!

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