Twitch Streamer Forsen excluded from PUBG twice in a week

Twitch streamer Forsen has a unique relationship with his audience. His Twitch chat and the community built around it do increasingly outrageous things to try to exclude a reaction from Forsen, and Forsen plays along and downplays the ridiculousness of his viewers. Sometimes, however, this relationship can lead to frustrating situations, as is the case with Forsen’s recent experience of playing PUBG: Battlegrounds. On Friday, Forsen was quarantined for the second time PUBG: Battlegroundsall except for reasons beyond his control.

A clip of Forsen’s latest PUBG: Battlegrounds stream showed that the Twitch streamer was banned once again. The rapids were loading PUBG, and was waiting for the server to connect when a message appeared informing him of his ban. “You have been excluded from PUBG until 2022-05-15 due to abuse, “was the announcement. No further information has been given about the nature of Forsen’s ban.

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While it is always possible that Forsen did something that broke PUBGs terms of service, whether it is on-stream or off, it is much more likely that something else has happened. After all, this is not the first time Forsen has had to deal with a ban. What probably happened is that Forsen’s society, or perhaps a rival society, Forsen reported in PUBG enough that the game’s tools for automatic moderation can trigger and ban him without review. In other words, Forsen was banned from laughing.

What makes the situation particularly amusing is that, as previously mentioned, this is the second time that Forsen was ruled out in less than a week. He was banned on April 8, but was able to get his account reinstated due to the nature of the ban. It appears that PUBG Corp. has not made any changes to ensure that the ban would not happen again, which, however, led to Forsen being banned again. It is unclear whether PUBG is able to make such changes, but if the developer wants the attention that Forsen brings to PUBGthen the problem may be worth taking up again.

To Forsen’s credit, to be banned by PUBG did not make him miss a step. He said, “That’s it,” and immediately opened Steam to search for a new game to play. His chat, after laughing to see the ban, was quick to shift gears and start recommending other games that Forsen could play.

Forsen’s situation is obviously not unique. Popular Twitch streamers and content creators face false reports in every game they play. Many games have systems that ensure that waves of fake reports do not lead to automatic bans, but Forsen’s popularity makes him a unique case. As to whether Forsen should play PUBG again, it probably depends on how quickly his ban is overturned.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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