Video: This Elden Ring Game Boy Demake will be playable on real hardware

So the big video game of the first few months of 2022, Elden Ring, has already seen the demake treatment this year in the form of a lovely PlayStation re-creation (which our friends at Push Square covered). But it was just the trailer. Someone has been brave enough to make a playable rendition of FromSoftware’s absolute masterpiece – but not on the hardware you’d expect.

On Reddit, the user has -shin- shared a project they are currently working on – a fully playable design of the Elden Ring for Game Boy. Created using GB Studio 3.0, they plan to at least finish up by the end of the Limgrave area by the end of May. We can not imagine that they will recreate the whole game (have you set how big the Elden Ring is), but it would be mightily impressive?

-shin- has gotten pretty much everything down, from dodge-rolling to the “You Died” text on the screen. It is an extremely faithful rendition of the beginning of the game. And -shin- confirmed that this demake will be playable on original hardware. Well, time to die again and again on the old gray brick.

This is also not the first FromSoftware game to receive the demake treatment. Bloodborne – you know, another critically acclaimed brilliant action RPG – also got a PS1 demake called Blood-borne PSX which Push Square also covered. But even more amazing than that, the same developers created Bloodborne Map. Yes really.

There are plans for a demo to be released in late May, but to keep up with developments you can follow -shin-‘s Twitch channel or check out their YouTube.

What do you think of this Game Boy demake? Do you want to try it? And what would you like to see demade for Game Boy? Let us know at the usual place!