Windows 11’s Store gets better app updates, Android integration and more

Upgrade to Windows 11 Store

Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Windows 11 app store in Dev Channel, and it comes with a few new additions, including faster and better app updates.

The Microsoft Store is not very popular or preferred in the Windows community compared to mobile app stores. The idea of ​​downloading apps or games through app stores is normal on Android or iOS. On the other hand, it is something that desktop users do not really bother to use.

The store has been available to Windows users for some time, and it has improved significantly since the release of Windows 10. Starting with Windows 11, Microsoft is taking the store to the next level by adding support for Win32 applications, web apps and Android apps. (Amazon App Store).

Windows 11’s Store redesigned interface provides a quick and easy way to find, compare, install, and update apps. Whether you have a free or paid app, you can keep them updated by checking for updates in the Microsoft Store. However, the store update is likely to fail when you have the app open in the background.

In fact, the Store is designed in such a way that it is not able to determine if the app is running in the background or not. Having the latest version of Store apps means you have access to all the latest features, and Microsoft is willing to improve this experience in Store soon.

For example, if you click the “Refresh” buttons in the Store library, the Microsoft Store will immediately start downloading the latest versions, but it will skip updates to apps you have open. This will ensure fewer errors in the store and prevent potential data loss.

It is also worth mentioning that the same process will apply to app updates if they are performed via their respective app pages.

Windows 11 Store Navigation

As part of the performance update, Microsoft is also improving the browsing experience, so you should expect pages to load faster than before.

Another new feature is support for enhanced Android integration. When you browse the web and you come across a new app and it is available in the store, you will see a new pop-up with a link to the Android app available in the Microsoft Store. However, it depends on device compatibility and age rating.

ARM64 support is finally coming to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Introduces Built-in Arm64 Support for the Store. This should result in faster and better performance when using the App Store on Windows 11 ARM devices such as Surface Pro X.